Summer Dance Camps

Keep training throughout the summer and get ready for the upcoming 2018-2019 season!

Our mini camp is for dancers ages 8-10. Dancer will have four classes per day in multiple styles: Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdancing, Contemporary.

The recreational camp is for dancers ages 11 and up. Dancers will have four classes per day and can choose whether they would like to focus on urban styles, technical styles or both! 

The competitive camp is designed for the advanced/competitive dancer ages 9 and over. This camp will challenge the dancer to work on their technique in multiple styles and expand their dance vocabulary. This camp is a great way to stay ready for the upcoming dance season and to keep training in the summer. Dancers will have the opportunity to work with multiple guest teachers and choreographers throughout the week. They will work on both urban and technical styles, acting, health and fitness, flexibility and freestyle.

All dancers will take parts in visits from invited speakers about youth fitness and nurtition and yoga teacher where all dancers of the camp (both competitive and recreational) are together.